Principal’s Corner

It is my proud privilege to be the Principal of Our Lady of Health High School and I thank God that he has given me the opportunity to serve the cause of education in this school for the last 3 years. A school is made up of not merely a physical building but more importantly the young minds that come to the portals of our school seeking knowledge, the committed and creative teachers and all the other human resources pooled in to impart education. Education in today’s world is a commodity on sale. It is such a gift, wherein the wrapper is more attractive than the gift itself. The paraphernalia of modern day classrooms, curriculum and pedagogy in education is a matter of competition. Each institute is competing to become most relevant and attractive. Education is made palatable and packaged to serve, with the intension of making maximum profits. To exist in such competitive environment and yet not to be overwhelmed by it, we need the right motivation and the envisioning leadership which is provided by Our Lady of Health School’s management and the staff.Our Lady of Health High school has definitely lived up to its motto; namely, ‘to be a light to the World.’It is this motto that drives all the endeavours at OLHS. We strive to educate in order to enlighten and in this goal our only competitor is OLHS itself. We believe that real competition lies more within than outside of us.This constant and conscientious reflection has made OLHS rise to the various challenges in the field of education and yet be able to shine brightly in the world.

I am so glad that this academic year 2019-2020 the management undertook the daunting task of renovating the entire school building, giving it a completely new facelift. The task at hand was no doubt challenging with 3000 students coming to school daily and with the repairs happening simultaneously. It is sheer grace of God and the protective mantle of our Patroness Mother Mary that constantly guided and guarded the entire repairs. This renovation work would not have seen the light of the day if not for the inspiration and leadership of our Manager Fr. John Lopes. From the day one he has been keenly supervising the entire repairs and ensuring that the work is carried on to completion. These repairs were also possible because of the prayers and monetary support of many students, staff members, the parents, the alumni and all our generous benefactors.

May the little yet significant milestone in the life of OLHS provide us with the needed impetus to cruise on through years till we reach our centennial celebrations in the year 2026 until then God Bless you all.


Fr. Michael Pinto

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