Information for students/parents

The school timings are as follows

Secondary section : 7.10am to 12.55pm
Primary section : 1.00pm to 6.00pm
Kindergarten (Jr. & Sr. K.G.) : 1.00pm to 4.15pm




OLHS UniThe students of the school are expected to come to school in complete uniform. Students from standard 1st to 10th are expected to wear pink checkered shirts, with a gray pinafore for girls and gray shorts for boys upto standard 7, and full-length gray trousers for boys from 8th standard and above. Shoes must be navy blue canvas shoes with white rims and navy blue socks. During monsoon, black rainy shoes may be worn (closed shoes, no slippers/floaters or any other form).

On Wednesdays, students are expected to dress in their P.T. uniform, according to their house colour, and wear white shoes and socks.


School fees are to be paid for primary section and Kindergarten only. Upto three children in a family are eligible for exemption from school fees from standard 5th onwards.

Details about fees (for Primary section and K.G. only)

  1. All fees are to be paid to Citizen Credit Co-op Bank Ltd, Sahar Branch. (The bank is on the premises).
Timings for the payment of fees 8.30am to 11.00am
5.00pm to 6.00pm
Monday to Friday


  1. Fees Pay-in slips must be filled in with full details and brought along with the Fee Card, or else fees will not be accepted.
  2. The Fees Pay-in slip book must be preserved by the student/parent/guardian. If the book is exhausted, a fresh book will be supplied.
  3. Entries in Pay-in slip is to be made in English only.
  4. Fees will be collected only from 5th to 20th of every month.
  5. No fees will be taken on Saturday.


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