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be-the-light2The aim of the school is the all-round development of the pupil, intellectual, moral, physical and cultural.The school stands for academic excellence, development of skill and character formation based on the love of God, and the service of man as modeled in Jesus Christ, with a view to train citizens distinguished for their all-round development and sincere commitment to God and the country.

Welcome to the brand new website of Our Lady of Health High School, Sahar. With this, we take a new step into the e-world, taking our school to a new dimension.

This website aims towards keeping you updated with all the news, events and happenings at the school, for parents, teachers and alumni.

Over a period of time, we hope to add many more features to this website such as updates on your child’s performance, their attendance, examination portion, study guides and reminders. We also would like to use this platform to display your child’s work of art, their skills in writing and the many anecdotes that always pepper our days in school with a bit of fun.

Education is more than just an interaction of the students with teachers, in a separate building full of books. It depends a lot on your involvement as a parent, guide, supporter and mentor. This site aims to bring the school to your fingertips.

We look forward to your interaction with us through this website.

Please note: This is the only official website for the school. We also make our presence felt on our official Facebook page.

News & Events

Tentative Dates for SSC Board Practical examinations

The Tentative ( most likely ) dates for the S.S.C Board practical examinations to be conducted in the school are as follows . Science and ICT Practicals and Language Orals  on : Tuesday (14th Feb)  to  Sat (18 Feb) 2017 between 7.30 am to 12.30 pm . The details...

Book Exhibition Cum Sale

  A Book Exhibition organised by Pauline Book & Media centre at Our Lady of Health High School, Sahar,on Feb 7th  and 8th between 9 am to 3 pm at K.G corner.

Induction Ceremony of 2017- 2018

Our New Council members for Academic year 2017-2018 Head Girl- CRISEL D’SOUZA                                                   Asst  Head Girl - FIONA MATHIAS Head boy- HAYDEN SANTOS                                                   Asst Head boy - YASH AMIN        ...

Workshop for Std 8,9 and 10th

A Workshop on Personality Development for students of std 8,9 and 10th on Thursday,19 Jan , 2017 at 9.30am.

Meeting for parents of Std IX

A meeting for  parents of Std 9th who need remedial teaching on Friday, 20th Jan 2017 at 7.30 am in the Church.

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We should treat our teachers like Finland does. Like ATTN: on Facebook.

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All officers in education department, HMs of school and colleges pls.note that due to heavy rains tomorrow school colleges will be closed......Anil Sabale (Education inspector, West zone of Greater Mumbai.)
School as usual on Friday
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Wishing all my Muslim students and your entire families a Very Happy and Prosperous Eid. May Allah grant all your prayers and always gaurd n protect you all the days of your life. May he shed his Light upon you and help you walk in the right path always. Have a great day. Enjoy....your days children. Prayed for you this morning. Aapki Dua meh humme bhi yaad Karo. ... See MoreSee Less

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The online admission details booklet (for students who have completed their SCC) is available in the School Office. Kindly buy the copy for ease of admission procedures. ... See MoreSee Less

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We bid goodbye to Fr Norbert Dsouza, Principal of OLHS.

Fr Norbert has shown his diligence towards improving the opportunities available to school students by introducing computer-aided games that help children to learn Maths and English; he brought a mini-planetarium into the school for the benefit of all children so they could learn more about astronomy; introduced educational visits to Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, academic institutions and visits to the natural habitat of flamingoes. He developed our school website and facilitated online admissions. He has regularly invited experts and scientists like Dr Rajeev (Head of the Meteorological Dept) to take special lectures so students can get a better understanding of not only the subject, but a new career choice. He has built collaborative relations with many professionals that have made their services available in support of education and learning.

And while his duties made him remain grim and firm, he was the politest and kindest when he spoke to children. One of the few principals who viewed children as children and allowed them to be so....

Such motivation can slowly but surely propel our school to newer heights. We know these qualities and talent can help do more than just help the literacy - it helps bring about REAL education and intellectual development.

As a parting gift to our school, he (with the guidance of our able sports teacher, Mr Rajesh) has brought a wonderful addition to the school. Our children's park had to be tiled for want of a venue for school events, but the tiny section behind it is now an outdoor fitness centre! Take a look at the carefully selected equipment, that is meant to develop the muscle from every area of the body.

Thank you, Fr Norbert. We pray for you and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

A grand salute to you!
- Chief 🙂
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90th Jubilee Alumni 1926-2016

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