The school is flanked by a large open space that is used as a basketball court as well as for rink-football, skating practice and throwball practice. Students are taught these sports as part of the physical education or during special vacation coaching classes.

The landing on the first floor opens into the school’s library – and a world of fairy tales, history, science, art, literature

The basement of the school is now converted into a yoga-room. Yoga exercises and meditation techniques, when practiced regularly, can improve focus, memory and the attention of a child. Yoga exercises aid in improving blood circulation, strength of the lungs, muscle growth and nerve development. Students are taught various aasans and breathing exercises and encouraged to practice these techniques regularly at home.

The school boasts of an up-to-date computer lab with 15 computers . The students have a weekly practical class and exams twice a year.

The school also has a chemistry laboratory, where students can observe, learn and practice various chemistry and physics experiments. While the pipettes, burettes, glass cylinders, crucibles, voltmeters will remind most adults about their days in school, for the students, it is a source of fascination and many have developed a love for science within these labs.

The biology laboratory (known among children especially for the life-size artificial human skeleton that stands in one of the glass cupboards) contains a number of vertebrate, invertebrate, insect and reptilian samples for observation. The study of internal organs, structures of many plants and animals can be studied here.

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